Waiver Countries

Currently there are 25 African countries for which Waiver is required. A Waiver is also known as: CTN (cargo Tracking Note), ECTN, BESC, BIETC, BSC, CEE, CNCA or FERI.

Why do I need a Waiver? 

Waiver documents (better known as Cargo Tracking Note) are being used to control and manage the import and export effectively. A Waiver document contains full details of the exporter/ importer, shipping method (LCL, FCL, Breakbulk or RORO), full description and value of the goods being shipped, name of the vessel and freight costs. Cargoes arriving without a valid Waiver document will be blocked for delivery by the local customs.

For which African country do you require a Waiver? 

Just select your country. Here you will find an overview of the documents and additional information we need to get your Waiver validated.